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Mr Wayne Hart

Lettercarver, Typographer & Sculptor Hart Studio
Phone: 07855201968 Website:

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I am an award-winning and fast-emerging lettering artist, lettercarver, typographer and sculptor. My work combines well-researched and conceptual ideas with a high level of craftsmanship. I am focused not only on maintaining this traditional craft but also seeking to drive it forward with innovative ideas and modern technologies, propelling letterform across new boundaries and into previously unexplored territories. With a meticulous eye for detail, I am dedicated to creating beautiful inscriptions, low-relief carving and sculptural forms. Drawing inspiration from form, structure and texture, I am able to use my understanding of letterform to pursue sculptural artworks at any scale. I have a natural affinity with materials and to date I have worked with stone, wood, metal and glass. I will be exploring additional materials in the coming months. Having received the best available training and various prestigious grants to do so, I am determined to gain international recognition for my work. I am ambitious and driven and I am beginning to build a strong reputation. I am currently the youngest artist to have created work for Westminster Abbey and the Victoria & Albert Museum has shown interest in my work.