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Contact: Sam Cullington
Address soundHOUSE 18 St Martin’s Lane Lincoln, LN2 5JE Phone: 01522 510073 Website: soundLINCS Website

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soundLINCS’ mission is to provide a quality service for music which enhances, enables and encourages the development of music in an enjoyable way, through activities, advocacy and access to information.

soundLINCS began in 1998, set up by community musician and CEO Nikki-Kate Heyes MBE.

soundLINCS is a not-for-profit community music organisation operating across the East Midlands. Working in partnership with local, regional and national organisations, soundLINCS provides and develops high quality and innovative music-making opportunities and training for all ages and communities.

soundLINCS does this by:

  • Providing advocacy and information through e-bulletins, social media.
  • Undertaking research.
  • Offering training and professional development for both musicians and non-musicians.
  • Running music workshops and residencies in an array of music and multi-arts genres; from samba to singing and pop to production and technology.
  • Creating toolkits, apps and books designed to provide music-making opportunities to as many people as possible.

We provide music workshops and residencies in most music and multi-arts genres; african drumming workshops, samba workshops, rock & pop, singing and vocals, DJing, music production & technology.  You name it, we can usually deliver it!  Just call to discuss 01522 510073.

Over the years soundLINCS has built a national reputation for delivery and training work around Musical Inclusion, working closely with participants and staff across a wide range of strands, including early years, looked after children, youth justice services, hospitals, young parents, special education needs, older adults and rural isolation.

Our vision is that everyone has an opportunity to be empowered through music.