Arts Directory

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52nd Street Jump Contact: Caron or Steve Mason
Home Phone: 01507 463130
Act II Theatre Company Contact: Charlotte& Karl Gernert
Phone: 01775 766921
AJ Dance Contact: Alison Noble or Josie Clarke
AKP Performing Arts Contact: Abi Kingsley-Parker
Home Phone: 01205 359714 Mobile: 07875 988440
Animal Curios: Taxidermy butterflies, Freshwater Pearl Pendant Necklace Contact: Wild Boar
Phone: 01453 759123
ARK KIDZ Contact: Von Bingham
Phone: 01406 363651
Art Cornucopia Contact: Liz Shaw
Mobile: 07913 687324
Art of Circus Ltd Contact: Noel Wainman
Mobile: 07766706644
Art on the High Street Contact: Carol Parker
Art on the Map Contact: Peter Skilton
Phone: 01673 818490
Phone: 01529 308710
Mr Duncan Barker-Magowan Manager and Lead artist Barn Ceramics
Phone: 01406 362500
Beach Hut Studios Contact: Debbie Mitchell
Phone: 01205 760320
Blackfriars Theatre and Arts Centre Contact: Andrea Townshend
Phone: 01205 363108
BOS Musical Theatre Group Contact: Rob Barclay
Boston Art Group Contact: Susan Seal
Phone: 07804 640464
Boston Playgoers Society Contact: Melissa Poulson
C-12 Dance Theatre Contact: Adam Towndrow
Home Phone: 07782251816
Callum Brazzo Contact: Callum Brazzo
Chain Bridge Forge Contact: Geoff Taylor
Mobile: 07960587724
Thelma Chambers Fine Artist Independent
Chantry Dance Company Contact: Paul Chantry
Phone: 07846796110
Chantry School of Contemporary and Balletic Arts Contact: Paul Chantry
Phone: 07846796110
Christine Dobbin Contact: Christine Dobbin
Phone: 07866 583548
Converse Theatre Contact: John Bowtell
Mobile: 07881 656 402
Miss Lucy Dillamore Freelance Illustrator
Phone: 07719657297
Doodles Contact: Anna or Lucy
Phone: 07940 449424 Phone: 07907 921108
Endana School of Dance Contact: Georgina Barham
Phone: 01406 540023
Ernie Butler Contact: Ernie Butler
Phone: 07581 425722
Helen Claire Gould Mrs Helen Claire Gould
Home Phone: 01733 232127/ 07771 884667
Fiona Gurney Artist Box of Frogs Mosaics
Mobile: 07941413863
Harlequin Theatre Arts Contact: Debi Haynes
Phone: 01205 363108
Ms Vikki Harold CYAN MAIDEN
Mobile: 07982237793
Mr Wayne Hart Lettercarver, Typographer & Sculptor Hart Studio
Phone: 07855201968
Ms Alison Hawtin Consultant Practitioner Art Therapist
Mobile: 07905899293
Heritage Lincolnshire Contact: Gail Graham
Phone: 01529 461499
Holbeach Town Band Contact: Mel Hopkin
Phone: 01775 765800
Mr Simon Hollingworth Freelance Creative Producer
Phone: 07795 416149
iMAGESKOOL ltd Contact: James Mayle
Phone: 07789 818204
Jennifer Robbs Contact: Jennifer Robbs
Phone: 07895 153865
Mark Judd-Cooper Greenfield Pottery
Phone: 01406425866
Kay Books Contact: Rebecca Elliott
Mobile: 07781 492052 Home Phone: 01481 240613
Liam Robinson Contact: Liam Robinson
Phone: 01522 506163
Lincolnshire Music Service Contact: Jennifer McKie
Phone: Andrew Hird – 07795 528785 Phone: Lee Hextall – 07795 528781
Lincolnshire One Venues
Long Sutton Barns Contact: Duncan Barker-Magowan
Phone: 01406 362500
Long Sutton Photography Group Contact: Angela Reeve
Phone: 07850 602089
Ms Maria Maidment Holly Crafts
Home Phone: 07757089215
Mirinesse Singers Contact: SAMANTHA WRAY
Mobile: 07843258604
Mr Tony Morris Tony Morris Ceramics
Mobile: 07967963611
Paradigm Arts Contact: Robert Pitman
Mobile: 07885384667
Danny Pedler Danny Pedler- Folk Musician
Phone: 07598 212658
Pinchbeck Photographic Group Contact: Peter Smith
Polka Dot Dance Academy Contact: Becky Tarrant
Popcorn Media Contact: Andy Johnson-Smith
Phone: 07837 580032
RB Art Contact: Ruth Baldry
Mobile: 07896679007
Rhubarb Theatre Company Contact: Kirsty Mead
Home Phone: 01400275133
Rock You Theatre School Contact: Andrew Clingo
Mobile: 07545 979675
Rosemary Brown Contact: Rosemary Brown
Scarlet Music Contact: Liz Lenten
Phone: 01775 841750
Marcelle G Seabourne Fine Artist (original paintings and drawings)
SHDC Community Development
Phone: 01775 761161
Mobile: 07794 965228
SOLO Classical Guitar Ensemble of South Lincolnshire Contact: Earl Marsh
Home Phone: 01205 355656
soundLINCS Contact: Sam Cullington
Phone: 01522 510073
South Holland Centre, Spalding
Phone: 01775 764777
Spalding Academy of Theatre Arts
Spalding Arts & Crafts Society Contact: Jon Healey
Phone: 01775 722433
Spalding Folk Club Contact: Liz Padgett
St Peter and St Paul’s Algarkirk Contact: Algarkirk Project Group
Phone: 01529 461499
Stibbington Community Classes Contact: Kate Hopkins
Phone: 01780 782386/ 07580 218792
Stitch Witch Costumes Contact: Mina Houssain
Strawberry Glass Contact: Gillian & David Wing
Phone: 07714 458813
Teddies Tunes Contact: Rosemary Brown
The Biz Theatre School Contact: Samantha Sillett
The Knights of Skirbeck Contact: Dave & Caroline Bedford
Phone: 01205 368134
The Umbrella
Home Phone: 01775 712359
Transported CPP Contact: Nick Jones
Phone: 07947 157765 Phone: Aerial programme: 07858 92376 |
Unique Cottage Studios
Ms Alison Walling Artist Lincoln Willow
Home Phone: 01522 255399
Will Pegram – Chain Bridge Forge Contact: Will Pegram
Mobile: 07825068341
Zest Theatre Contact: Fiona Moon
Phone: 01522 569590